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Titanium dioxide.  Approved by the food testing laboratory of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Titanium Dioxide is considered a safe substance and harmless to human.

Green Millennium’s Nano-TiO2 Photocatalyst can integrated with various products using integration methods such as heat treatment and dipping treatment.
Green Millennium's photocatalyst product and be applied in cars, hotels, apartments, restaurant, public restrooms, hospitals, schools, and etc.
See how photocatalyst can prevent sick building syndrome, allergy, and other issues cost by poor air quality. Toxic substance such as volatile organic compounds, mold spores, formaldehydes, and carbon monoxides are broken down to harmless gas and water.
A promising approach for remediating air quality contaminants is to employ photocatalyst that oxidize these compounds. By definition, photocatalyst is a catalyst that accelerates photoreaction. Using light to react with a catalyst resulting in oxidation. This is found to be effective in destroying mold, mildew, bacteria, other fungi, dust mites, and many odors. Photocatalyst can effectively deodorize and sterilize in a closed environment. Coupled with its super hydrophilic property, photocatalyst can also create a self-cleaning exterior to maintain a clean look. Green Millennium is partnering with manufactures, distributors, services providers, organizations, government agencies, technology providers, media, research institutions, universities and individuals. We have comprehensive Business Development tools, guide line to explore the potential aspect of technology transfer, business integration, manufacture interface and all other relevant opportunities.
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