Product Background

image304Our advance technology of aqueous soluble metal dioxide photocatalyst coating, coupled with unique sol gel dispersion techniques have set us apart from the conventional production of ultrafine TiO2 powder, slurry chemical solution and other sol gel method for preparing anatase films in the field of photoelectrochemical materials science today. Using patented manufacturing process and chemical formula, our Photocatalyst products are pH neutral and contain zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which allows a long terms photocatalytic functions and performance. Our coating products are chemically stable and it corresponds to various organic and inorganic substrate. Use the table below to identify your specific need, and learn more about each product by selecting the product from the Product List below.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sol-Gel Nano Coating Solution

PTA sol

Peroxotitanium Acid Solution

PTAsol is an amorphous condition aqueous solution. PTAsol does not have any photocatalytic function under room temperature unless it is heated to more than 250C. A very fine titanium dioxide film can be made on a surface at room temperature. It can be used as a base coat primer, a protection layer for an organic substrate such as exterior painted surface, plastic surface, organic base material of resin surface etc. PTA-85 is suitable for spray coating and PTA-170 is used for dip coating. When it is heated to more than 250C the amorphous condition becomes a structure of anatase crystal and the coating may reach up to 9H film hardness. Heat treatment of more than 800C changes the anatase crystal to rutile causing its photocatalytic effect decrease. PTA-85 is also recommended to use for producing photocatalytic tile, glass, glazing material etc.

TO sol

Peroxo-modified Anatase sol

TOsol differs from PTAsol. It is already crystallized to anatase and shows strong photocatalytic function after it is coated and dried at the room temperature. In case of flat and smooth surface, the TOsol coated film may comes off as powder due to adhesion strength is relatively weak. However, the hardness of the film can be improved when it is heated to a certain temperature. TOsol does not contain any impurities and the moisture evaporate to form titanium dioxide film. The heat treatment will correspond to the substrate in order to improve its hardness, adhesion properties and other various activities.

TPX sol

Mixed Solution of PTA and TO

TPXsol is a mixed solution of PTAsol and TOsol. A TPXsol coated film achieves strong photocatalytic effect and strong hardness strength after it is dried and cured at the room temperature. TPXsol is a neutral solution that can be applied to various materials including metal and resin. A coated film with TPX never dissolves in water. Photocatalytic effect and hardness of the film can be increased when it is heated. Spraying coating is the most suitable way for TPXsol. But substrates can be dipped into the TPXsol liquid or applied by a brush or a roller. The film’s hardness decreases when it is not sufficiently dried. Photocatalytic activity and the hardness of the coated film can be increased when it is heated within the permissible high temperature of the substrate. A coated film does not decrease the hardness due to the time change.

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