Outdoor / Exterior Application

Reference No. Outdoor / Exterior Application

Category: PTA-85sol, TPX-85sol, TPX-HPC

Title: Photocatalytic Self-cleaning Coating, Pollution Control

Features: Antistatic, Strong photocatalytic oxidation and Superhydrophilicity surface.

Benefit:10+ year of long lasting self-cleaning effect

Dirt collections (accumulation) in building exteriors have poised considerable problems for building maintenance. Cleaning of such building surface is generally done by using detergents accompanied with scrubbing, wiping and high-pressure water jet. These processes have several shortcomings such as use of chemical detergents, high consumption of energy and labor cost. These naturally lead to high maintenance cost; therefore, an effective self-cleaning coating is desirable.
In recent years, “self-cleaning” coating using photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) has gained considerable industry attention. With assistance of little UV light from fluorescence source or sunlight, TiO2 offers two unique properties: (a) strong oxidation power, and (b) super-hydrophilicity. The first strong oxidation power can be used to kill bacteria attached on the wall, or oxide/remove foul smell from stains in toilet (e.g., TiO2-coated tile and TiO2-coated glass are commercially available). The second super-hydrophilic property can allow dirt and stains to be easily washed away with water or by rainfall when such coating is applied to exterior surfaces.
The present invention provides a highly novel and effective technique for providing an inorganic-organic layer to serve in between a painted surface and TiO2 coating to avoid the effect of paint-chalking. This interlayer functions as a binder TiO2 particles and as well as a barrier to prevent substrate-damage from the photocatalytic reaction. Using this approach, continuous and sustained self-cleaning effects can be realized on the surface of painted aluminum panels (as shown below).

TPX-85sol coated Aluminum
Tension canvas membrane in Tokyo

Areas of Applications

  • High-rise office buildings, Commercial building, Historical building protection, Convention center, shopping malls, Industrial facility, Towel, Train Station
  • Tunnel, Sound proofing walls, Roadside structure and accessory, Road sign, Reflective traffic mirror, Advertisement signs
  • Landmark, Sculpture, fountain, Solar Panel, plastic panel.
  • Automobiles, Marine, Train, aircraft bodies.

Target Substrate:
Ceramic Tile, Glass, Mirror, Brick, Concrete, Masonry, Metal, Stucco, Painted surface, Vinyl, acrylic and polycarbonate material, Industrial fabric and Awning etc.


  • Maintenance-free if the surfaces are being coated.
  • Automatically removal of contaminated gas from vehicles, so as to improve city’s air quality.
  • Environmentally friendly technology.
  • Reduce the maintenance cost and clean-work’s troubles/disastrous.

Commercialization / Opportunities

  • Technology and partnership is available from Green Millennium Inc.
  • Interested companies are invited to submit their plans to Green Millennium Inc.


Self Cleaning Building Yahoo Dome Exterior Wall

Location: Yahoo Dome Exterior Wall

Date of application: November, 2012

  • Substrate: Tile
  • Products Used: TPX-85
  • Effects: Self Cleaning, Anti-soil
Self Cleaning building Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki Prefecture

Location: Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki Prefecture

Date of application: July, 2013

  • Substrate: Masonry, Stone surface
  • Products Used: TPX-85
  • Effects: Self Cleaning, Anti-soil
Photocatalyst TiO2 treated Universal Studio Japan

Location: Universal Studio Japan

Date of application: August, 2008

  • Substrate: Painted surface, Dry wall
  • Products Used: PTA-85, TPX-85
  • Effects: Self-Cleaning, Anti-soil
Self Cleaning Building - Outdoor / exterior

Location: Taiwan Textile Research Institute

Date of application: February, 2012

  • Substrate: Tile, Glass, Concrete
  • Products Used: TPX-85, TPX-HPC
  • Effects: Antibacterial , Deodorizing
Photocatalyst treated exterior walls of the condominium

Location: Exterior walls of the condominium

Date of application: November, 2012

  • Substrate: Glass Tile, Painted Surface
  • Products Used: PTA-85, TPX-85
  • Effects: Self-Cleaning, Anti-Soil
Photocatalyst treated solar panel

Location: Solar Panel

Date of application: December, 2012

  • Substrate: Glass
  • Products Used: TPX-HPC
  • Effects: Self-Cleaning, Anti-Soil