Dispersing Photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide in solution has always been a challenge. Traditional manufacturing method of photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide used strong acid or solvent to dissolve Titanium Dioxide in liquid form. But these photocatalyst products tend to be highly acidic and contain high level of Volatile Organic Compound. Another disadvantage of this traditional photocatalyst titanium dioxide solution is that Titanium Dioxide in the solution sometimes forms white deposit and renders the solution to be unusable.

Our Photocatalyst nano titanium dioxide are fully dispersed in aqueous form. Using patented manufacturing process and chemical formula; Our Photocatalyst products are neutral and contain no VOC.  Titanium Dioxide particles in our products would not form any deposit which prolongs life expectancy of the product.

Among product certification, the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan ( PIAJ ) has set the industrial standards guidance which requires the photocatalyst product to pass certain performance guideline, compliance, safety verification through JIS testing method in order for product to be deemed appropriate to sell in the market. Our Photocatalyst Products complies all PIAJ testing methods and standards.

As an example, our sol gel technology TiO2 film photocatalyst has several advantages compared with TiO2 powder, slurry, other sol gel photocatalyst product.

Green Millennium’s Photocatalyst Comparison Categorie Other Photocatalyst Products
Greenish White Half Transparent Appearance Milky White
Neutral pH Level Acidic
Long-term stability Stability Easy to deteriorate
Pure water Additives Acid and other organic solvents
10 nm, high surface area Particle Size 20-30 nm
Room Temperature Membrane-forming temperature Above 500C
Excellent Membrane density Poor
Most organic and
inorganic materials
Applicability Limited to acidic-proof and
fire-proof materials
  • Environmental friendly technology
    We ensure the products are safe with the safety standards according to the Photocatalyst Industry Association of Japan and USA EPA.
    (1) Acute Oral Toxicity Test, (2) Microbiological Mutagencity Test (3) Primary Skin Irritation Test (4) EPA Toxicity Test
  • Long lasting effect
    Because our coating does not contain any organic solvent and other volatile organic compound, It will not cause self-degradation over time.
    Our coating is pH neutral in a stable condition, it is expected to demonstrate a long term photocatalytic function and performance.
  • Durability
    Our Titanium dioxide of 10nm in particle size for optimal photocatalytic oxidation effect. The TiO2 membrane formed with these small particles has maximized the available surface area where photocatalytic reaction takes place.
    Our photocatalyst sol contains zero solvent and it is capable of forming durable membrane in low temperature.
  • Corresponds to various substrate
    Capable of integrating with various organic or inorganic materials.
  • Integration of media by spray coating or dipping process under room temperature.
  • Our coating is pH neutral 7, odorless, free from chemical scent
  • Safe for children and pet.
  • Long lasting, reduce the frequent maintenance cost.