Deodorization Solution




How it works?
Our photocatalyst coating creates a strong oxidizing action when exposed to ambient light which breaks down and eliminates:

  • Allergens
  • Pungent smells – Food odors and pet odors
  • Air pollutants – Benzene, Toluene, NOx, SOx, Carbon Monoxide and Formaldehyde, etc.
  • Microorganisms
  • Tobacco smoke

According to many studies performed by European and USA laboratories, the deodorizing power of cm2 of TiO2 photocatalyst is equivalent to 500 refrigerator activated carbon deodorants and 150 times stronger than high performance activated carbon.

TiO2 spray - Deodorization solution

Areas of interest

Residence: Living/Bed/Bath Room, Kitchen

Public: Office, Smoking Area

Education: School, Day Care Center, Kindergarten, Training School

Medical & Health Center: Hospital, Clinic, Nursing Home, Senior Center

Accommodation: Hotel, Motel, lodging, Inn

Commercial: Restaurant, Shopping Center, Theater, Fitness Center, Salon, SPA, KTV

Transportation: Cars, Vans, RVs, Mobile Homes, Trucks, Taxis, School Bus, Rental Cars, Bart, Bus, Trains, Touristy, Limousines, Boats, Airplanes

HygienIQ against toxic pollutants
TiO2 functions everywhere - 3 dimension purification coating
TPXsol against malodorous substances
TPXsol against toxic chemical off-gassing