Now Green Millennium is pursuing partnerships with companies that can foresee and complement materially to improve their product and services by integrating our photocatalyst products, services, technology and information. We are interested in partnering with manufactures, distributors, services providers, organizations, government agencies, technology providers, media, research institutions, universities and individuals. We have comprehensive Business Development tools, guide line to explore the potential aspect of technology transfer, business integration, manufacture interface and all other relevant opportunities.

Industry Sectors

  • Building Construction Industry
  • Building material maker and supplier
  • Wall paper makers and suppliers
  • Cement/concrete makers and suppliers
  • Paint manufacturer
  • Home appliance manufacturer
  • Automotive manufacturer/auto parts makers
  • Fiber makers, dye works
  • Transportation Industry
  • Agriculture industries
  • Air Purification equipment makers
  • Water Purification equipment makers
  • Commercial & Real Estate Industry
  • Medical instrument makers and suppliers
  • Others

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Dealership / Distributorship Opportunity
We offer a comprehensive business licensing opportunity for start-up individuals and groups or existing business owners who are looking to develop or expanding in the photocatalyst coating application services area and becoming environmental cleaning solution services provider. We are welcoming you to participate in this exciting latest environmental emerging technology. We have a complete turnkey solution package, training course and guideline to lead you. You are not only about to be provided either consumer or business to business services that entail building, restoration, and maintenance but the revolution of cleaning, sanitizing, deodorization industry.
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